Renewable Energy

The importance of fluoropolymers for the sector

Europe is at the forefront of the development and the use of renewable energy and has one of the most ambitious goals for a sustainable future in this respect. Fluoropolymers are an indispensable driver of the European Green Deal, as they have a key role to play in the transition to an integrated and decarbonized energy system. With their unique combination of properties, fluoropolymers are crucial components in hydrogen production, wind turbines, solar panels and battery cells.

Fluoropolymer coatings provide resistance to fire, water, weather and even corrosive chemicals, thus ensuring that goods can stay in service for longer. They provide insulation, improved durability, efficiency, and safety renewable installations.

Unique properties of fluoropolymers and their benefits for the sector

Fluoropolymers exhibit a unique combination of properties within various components in renewable energy installations.

Their resistance to weather and extreme environments provide numerous benefits including:

Excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance

Increased lifetime of components

Low and high temperature resistance

Lower maintenance costs

Increased efficiency in manufacturing processes

Design flexibility

Fluoropolymers and the future of the industry

As energy consumption increases, the world will need to transition to cleaner, more efficient energy solutions. Fluoropolymers are key enablers of innovation in this regard, and are critical for renewable energy generation and storage solutions like solar installations, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and hydrogen.

  • Hydrogen: With their unique properties, fluoropolymers are needed to generate large amounts of hydrogen without emitting CO₂, making them a key enabler in the rollout of hydrogen energy.
  • Solar: Fluoropolymers are used in coatings for solar thermal installations as a protective armor from harsh environmental conditions, including extreme heat and moisture.
  • Wind: Fluoropolymers are used in paints and coatings on the towers and blades of wind power generators because they provide superior weather resistance and increased service life.
  • Energy storage: Fluoropolymers are crucial to the batteries industry, ensuring increased performance and a longer life cycle, the materials deliver the key properties needed for lithium batteries and the shift to electric mobility


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