About us

The Fluoropolymers Product Group represents Europe’s leading fluoropolymer producers and experts.

With a unique set of properties unobtainable by other polymers, fluoropolymers are irreplaceable across many key sectors and applications. Fluoropolymers ensure safety, reliability, durability and performance in numerous technologies, industrial processes and everyday products that are critical for human health, safety and the environment.

We are committed to promoting innovation, safe use, sustainable manufacturing and stewardship across the industry for all our products. As the voice of the industry across Europe, the Fluoropolymers Product Group advocates for a balanced regulatory environment based on scientific facts to ensure that European industries remain competitive and sustainable.

Part of PlasticsEurope, the group’s members are AGC, Arkema, Chemours, Daikin Chemicals, DuPont, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Honeywell, W. L. Gore & Associates, Syensqo and Kureha Corporation.

The members of the Fluoropolymers Product Group

The Fluoropolymers Product Group (FPG) is part of PlasticsEurope, the industry association representing European polymer producers. It operates in accordance with the PlasticsEurope governance, including Competition Compliance Rules. PlasticsEurope covers the EU, plus Norway, Turkey and Switzerland.